For Love and Comedy

What better occasion during which to experience a sense of fun and the ridiculous while knocking back a pint - or your preferred tipple of choice - and meeting loved ones than a stand-up comedy event? As stand-up performances have soared in popularity over the last few years, these are, thankfully, in no short supply on the Maltese islands. My curiosity about a new comedy troupe named the Clueless Comedy Collective Malta was piqued after two events organised by the group this month were recommended to me by a fellow aficionado of all things comedic.

It Brew My Mind!: A Tasting Event

The sort of poison that different people settle on in order to enhance a social gathering usually indicates something of interest about the individuals in question. For instance, a fondness for gins with their variety of sophisticated flavourings and accompanying choice mixers points towards an appreciation for trends together with a capacity for drinks with... Continue Reading →

Sometimes They Come Back… hit our funny bone. With apologies to Stephen King, particularly as this post relates to fodder that is far from ominous, I shall begin my first foray into reviewing the return to a comedic series. More specifically, I will, here, be concentrating on a series of YouTube videos that provide a commentary of the... Continue Reading →

Stylish & Unusual Accommodation in Malta

For a tiny country composed of a series of wind-swept islands located strategically in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, visitors are very important. Lacking in natural resources but piquing the interests of those who seek to find out more, Malta has always lured a certain number of travellers from shores near and far. Notwithstanding... Continue Reading →

Wondrous Writings That Have Shaped My Life

Books have always played an inescapable part of the multicoloured tapestry that is my life. From the moment I could read more than a few simple lines, I read books about anthropomorphic mice and bears, books in Italian about Bambi's journey to adulthood, books about charmed trees conveying children to distant lands and books about groups of children foiling the dastardly plans of would-be villains or hatching secret plans for yet more adventures.

Five Favourite Places I have Stayed in On My Travels

I could, perhaps, be termed as a frustrated traveller, in the sense that I have been to a decent number of places, and have a reasonable sense of adventure to pursue journeys to locations far and wide, though I can't see myself sleeping outdoors in the jungle, or spending time in places where I am too uncomfortably close to certain creatures in their natural habitat.

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