Five Favourite Places I have Stayed in On My Travels

I could, perhaps, be termed as a frustrated traveller, in the sense that I have been to a decent number of places, and have a reasonable sense of adventure to pursue journeys to locations far and wide, though I can't see myself sleeping outdoors in the jungle, or spending time in places where I am too uncomfortably close to certain creatures in their natural habitat.

Best winter soup ingredients

When you live on a Southern Mediterranean island where ten degrees above spell terribly cold winter temperatures, you feel a sense of anticipation when the thermometer starts to drop below twenty degrees. Yes, I said 20. You begin to review your wardrobe, and you start to crave soup. Soup is one of those dishes which... Continue Reading →

Music I have recently discovered

I think of music as a rainbow, with songs fashioned out of various styles helping to colour different parts of my day, or accompany my mood. I can't say that I appreciate some genres more than others - for instance, Tuesday evening saw me bopping across my living room to some honest-to-goodness rock' n' roll,... Continue Reading →

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