Festive Comedy Fun

The holiday season has come and gone, leaving the usual spate of swollen bellies, appetites having been saturated with twenty different kinds of alcohol and all manner of rich food, empty bank accounts and a sense of relief at not having to turn up at the umpteenth celebratory meal. On the plus side, of course,... Continue Reading →

For Love and Comedy

What better occasion during which to experience a sense of fun and the ridiculous while knocking back a pint - or your preferred tipple of choice - and meeting loved ones than a stand-up comedy event? As stand-up performances have soared in popularity over the last few years, these are, thankfully, in no short supply on the Maltese islands. My curiosity about a new comedy troupe named the Clueless Comedy Collective Malta was piqued after two events organised by the group this month were recommended to me by a fellow aficionado of all things comedic.

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