Autumn Restaurant Review Part 1 – Briju

The first thing we were brought was probably one of the most wonderful-tasting dishes of the evening. A perennial gourmand’s choice because of its rich, robust flavour, Briju’s chicken liver parfait oozed perfect decadence in its succulent composition. The chicken liver itself was strong enough to shine through – a mean feat indeed when considering that it included the establishment’s own home-cured guanciale, as well as being topped by a melt-in-your-mouth layer of the chef’s smoked butter.

Feeding my Memories of Sicily

The familiar, the homely, what we look for to feel that sense of comfort - these are ideas or perceptions that can be applied as easily to an actual physical place as to a scrumptious plate of food, a beverage that is equally delightful to the palate, or generic sights and sounds that accompany a... Continue Reading →

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